Our Objectives

Satisfied customers

We believe arranging Quality Assurance services do not have a standard to control the quality of the goods. That is why we focus on every customer personally; all of our services are tailor made, so both parties will have 100% satisfaction. With this approach we can make clear what we expect from you and more importantly what you expect from us.

Satisfied employees

To us, satisfied employees are as important as satisfied customers. We are convinced that our people and their experience form the foundation of our organization's success. Well trained and satisfied employees will lead to quality of our company and eventually will lead to permanent and new customers.

Long term partnership

Our ultimate goal is not to give you the highest quality service, but what we really want is to establish a long term partnership with you. Then you do not have to worry about whether your quality inspection will be carried out well or not. Joining partnership with SAPL, you will have a reliable partner for all your Quality Assurance matters in China.

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