Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)The PSI is conducted towards or at the end of the manufacturing process (80-100%). During this inspection we will randomly check finished products in accordance with the agreed Acceptable Quality Level (or AQL - an international inspection standard for the maximum number of permissible defects within a given sample range).

This quality assurance service is performed when all products are nearly finished. This inspection service is the most balanced and common one of all the quality assurance services. As mentioned above the goods will be checked randomly according to the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL). AQL is an inspection standard describing the maximum number of defects that could be considered acceptable during the random sampling of the quality control. The defects found during inspection are classified into three levels: critical, major and minor.

Critical defects are those that render the product unsafe or hazardous for the end user or that contravenes mandatory regulations. Major defects can result in the product's failure, reducing its marketability, usability or sale ability. Lastly, minor defects do not affect the product's marketability or usability, but represent workmanship defects that make the product fall short of defined quality standards.

Different companies maintain different interpretations of each defect type.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, SAPL and our customers agree on an AQL standard, chosen according to the level of risk each party assumes, which we use as a reference during pre-shipment inspection.

All of our customers usually choose this inspection service at SAPL, because it is the most convenient and easiest quality assurance service, you will get:

  • Before the goods are shipped out you will know whether the products are up to par.
  • Revision can be made when discovered at the inspection
  • You will have clear and standard requirements how and what will be checked according to the AQL table.
  • Detailed report of SAPL within the same day.

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