Market & Financial research

The outlook of the factory in China is important, but equally important is what plays inside it. How is the financial standing, are they up to the big challenge you give the factory, to just name some questions. That is when Market & Financial research comes into play. With this research you will know the financial and management information that normally the factory in China will not show.


SAPL could provide accurate market and financial research projects in cooperation with our partner company, ToKnow. We will include the following:

  • General background information (company registration data, ownership structure, etc.)
  • An interview with a senior manager or director (based on questions submitted by you)
  • A review of the organization’s financial position.


The factory audit and inspection are focused on the physical aspect of the factory. With the Market & Financial research it will get deeper on the management and financial level of the factory. Especially the credibility of the factory plays an important role in this research.

Before your place any order at the factory, SAPL can provide you with the above information to conclude whether to do business with this factory or not. Having a factory audit and inspection or Market & Financial research done by us in China, will save you misunderstanding with the factory, time and especially money. Most important you will know with whom you are doing business in China.


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