Laboratory Check (LC)

Laboratory Check (LC)SAPL has close ties with several providers of specialist laboratory services, allowing us to arrange and coordinate detailed tests. The test results are recorded in a clear yet detailed report. In addition to tests, we are able to arrange all types of certification (CE, NEN, RoHs, REACH, etc.).

Normally the factories in China have their own certifications but some do not. But for Europe, as being the strictest continent in the world, you will need several certifications that the factory may not have. Some products need CE and others may need REACH for example. To confirm this, we have to check what products will be shipped. With professional lab companies we could test the products and if successful we could provide you with a detailed report and certification for the specific product against additional costs. This Quality Assurance service is highly recommended since the factories in China often has not the required certifications for the products.

This QC service brings you the following benefits:

  • Accurate certifications for your products that are required for the destination country
  • No jurisdiction surprises from the destination government
  • 100% trust in the products


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