During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

During Production Inspection (DUPRO)This check is conducted approximately halfway through the production process (40-50%). The objective is to verify that remedial steps defined during the PPC have been implemented. Last minute product changes are also introduced at this stage, insofar as possible. Here too, our aim is to ensure that the finished products meet your requirements and expectations.

After the PPC has been done, an inspection service, During Production Inspection, in the middle of the production process could be advisable, that is to determine whether the faults found in the early stage quality check have been revised or not. In other words this inspection service is to double check the manufacturing process. SAPL performed this quality assurance service in China to many customers in Holland and Belgium. These cases were mostly based on projects where no faults were accepted. So every process in the quality assurance needs to be precise. However we did find some requirements that were not up to par, but these last minute issues were revised during the quality check in China.

Choosing DUPRO quality assurance service at SAPL gives you the following benefits:

  • Double confirmation of the production process
  • Last minute revision
  • Clear and detailed report of the quality control


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