Container Loading Check (CLC)

Container Loading Check (CLC)The CLC check is conducted in the manufacturer's warehouse or at the forwarder's premises. Apart from checking the quality and quantity of goods to be shipped, we monitor compliance with the bill of lading and ensure that all containers are in good condition.

This quality check is performed when all products are finished and the goods will be especially checked on how they are being loaded in the containers. This is necessary to avoid short or wrong shipment of the goods from China to the destination.

Container Loading Check (CLC)The bill of lading and other necessary documents for shipment from China will be checked to compare them with the actual quantities of the goods in the containers.

The container needs to arrive smoothly at destination. So we will check on the quality of the container, whether it is airproof, dry and clean and so on.

This is the last step of the quality check before the goods will be shipped from China.

For a company making solar products in Holland, we checked the container loading before the goods were shipped. We found out that the container had some cracks at the corners. Immediately it needed to be replaced with a new approved container. If we did not perform this quality check the goods will be all wet and broken after arriving in Holland.


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