100% Inspection

100% InspectionThis type of inspection, which involves an examination of all manufactured products as opposed to a sample, is recommended for high-value items. The entire production run will be inspected in accordance with your instructions.

This inspection service will be conducted on all the product quantities. So each and every product will be checked on whether it is up to your requirements. For this quality control it is required to have more inspectors and more days to fulfill this quality check.

This is especially needed for products that have a low decline and a high value percentage.

For several companies in Germany and Netherlands we performed this QC service for a project that was exposed on national television in those countries. If something went wrong the local media will challenge the customer. Accurate workaround in the quality assurance is the most important part. For this case 100% inspection is the most appropriate QC service. In the end we managed to inspect the goods according to the customer's requirements and they had a successful campaign.

The above quality control gives you the following benefits:

  • Each and every product of the production process will be inspected
  • 100% accurate whether which product is faulty and which is not
  • Detailed report of the quality check.


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