Factory Audit (FA)

From a client's point of view before placing an order at a factory in China, you would like to know more about this factory. After all you want the products that you have paid for.

In principle, a factory audit may be conducted at any location. Our remit is to carry out a comprehensive audit that covers at least the following aspects:

  • ISO9001 certification
  • Factory appearance (onsite hygiene, efficiency and orderliness)
  • Plant statistics (including factory size, number of workers, land area, etc.)
  • Management information (including the organization's management structure)
  • Market overview (covering the company's primary markets)
  • A SA8000 audit, highlighting human rights abuses, child labor, race or gender discrimination, workplace safety and labor disputes


SAPL did many factory audit and inspection through the years, normally our clients are companies that have not done a quality assurance service before or they have had bad experiences in factory inspection by themselves. We deliver a clear and detailed factory audit of the factory on the above offered points. Also a client in Netherlands intentionally request that the factory does not have child labor or any discrimination whatsoever.

We support the client with clear information and more for the factory inspection, so you do not have any doubts doing business in China.


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