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About SAPL

Supreme Asia Pacific Limited (SAPL)Supreme Asia Pacific Limited (SAPL) is an experienced provider of Quality Assurance services. It's our mission to offer our clients a professional, efficient and cost effective service.

We have been active in the Chinese market since 1995, and have inspected the quality of a wide range of products, including:

  • Electronic goods
  • Solar products
  • Household products
  • Power tools and DIY equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Home and outdoor furniture
  • Sundries and stationary
  • Printing and packaging materials
  • Loyalty and gift products


We started our main office in Hong Kong, during the years we opened up several offices in China: Shanghai, Jiaxing and Dongguan. Our personnel are multi-lingual; they are fluent in Dutch, Mandarin, German, Cantonese and English. With this skill it will avoid the risk of misunderstandings caused by language barriers.

 In the early years we began as a trading company, focusing on the china trade industry. Import and export in China was our core business. Within one year after our company was established we realized the European standard for products had the strictest standard in the world. So our main focus changed to inspecting the quality of the products instead of exporting the products from China. Since then our main focus has not changed, based on the European standard, and by updating, we are carrying out our factory audit, quality control and other Quality Assurance service in China.

Now we are fully experienced and operational in all the Quality Assurance services in China.

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